Sunday, June 19, 2011

Slides with addresses.

A special thank you to Boing Boing for directing so many new eyeballs to the Archive yesterday!

Every now and then I'll stumble on a slide with an address on it, (see the episodes about 8626 Fauntleroy, Seattle and Freeman Street, Grimsby) and up until this one there's a definite familiarity to the place then and now. So let's stop and smell the gorgeous Kodachrome roses at 630 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, September 1979.

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This is full use of the film, flowers like this just snap and pop off the slide. And what a great looking house! Or many houses - hard to tell. But 630 Victory Blvd. doesn't look anything like this now:

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It reminds me of when my husband and I drove to his childhood neighbourhood only to find every house had been razed to the ground - the driveways and streets were still there, but not a single house. It was creepy. But if you stroll up and down Victory Blvd. and then fly over it (the internet gives you wings!) you'll see that there's a house tucked behind these apartment buildings. Is that this lovely structure? I hope it still stands, the roses are amazing. Is that where Marshall S. Kirk DPM practices his podiatry? Do his patients get to gaze at these flowers as he scrapes corns off their heels?

I hope so! But since I've embedded the unpleasant image of corns, warts and general gore of the feet into your imaginations, I think I owe it to you to fill your eyes with some more pretty pretty flowers, so here you go my pretty pretty:

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Nice right? Lovely. But not quite the vintage that turns me on. Let's fly off to Bakewell, Derbyshire, England in June 1961:

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Oh yeah... that's the stuff! Sizzle! Say it again. Sizzle. Now it's next to impossible to pinpoint where this photo was taken, but investigating the area (slide says "independence" Bakewell, Debys.), I find nearly everything is named "Haddon" in the area, which is close to my surname but not close enough to demand the keys. There is a very good rose garden at Haddon Hall, which could definitely maybe be where this was taken.

See UGArdener's Haddon Hall set on Flickr
Hey, maybe it is maybe it isn't. But don't you feel great for wandering around this English country garden? Hells yeah! High five for flowers!

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