Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where are they now?

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Very few of my slides have dates, names or addresses. It makes for a little detective work, and that's just more fun for me because I can wear the dearstalker and smoke opium. This one had a little more information, "Bannermans, 8626 Fauntleroy, Seattle" and it's framed with the red border, dark cardboard slide that indicates it belongs between 1939 -1949 (see the excellent Kodachrome slide dating guide just a few doors down Internet Street at Historic Photo Archive). If we check out the Redfin listing we find out some more information like 1931 was when the Bannerman's home was built, and some interesting property value information. Check out 8626 Fauntleroy Way now. You can't see anything! They've let all those tiny bushes grow into giant bushes!  You can see it's the right house on this Bing map by rotating to view head on and zoom in. I would have zipped right past it (on my virtual flying scooter - with sidecar) if it weren't for the turreted home next door. A very nice location, are the Bannermans still home? Do they own an axe or chainsaw (not likely)? Well I much prefer it then, pity it was such a gloomy day when Mr. Google drove by. Pity he didn't have an axe or a chainsaw.


  1. Can't say I blame them for letting the flora grow especially with the parking lot across the street.

  2. I don't know, it's so unkempt - It would block out the sun and the smell of the ocean too!