Monday, February 20, 2012

Swarthmore Football, 1963.

Sometimes in a girl's life, she has to re-install windows and has crisis after crisis at work and can't do the things she really wants to do like scan slides. But then, with a little perseverance and few free minutes, she can get back to those slides and finally share some gems. Check out these fabulous fifteen, from a beautiful fall day in Pennsylvania, 1963. No wonder americans love football so much!

Kodachrome, in the order they were taken:

The donkey is amazing, isn't it? Just a fantastic shot. I love S-Girl's hair and enthusiasm too. Here's two more from a different day:


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  1. Beautiful pics. Two different games. SHS at Rutgers Ave, and presumptively Swarthmore College at Clothier. (SHS sometimes played their Thanksgiving Game with Lansdowne at Clothier.) Takes me back. Beautiful