Monday, June 6, 2011

They're coming!

The archive is practically doubling over the next few days, so I've gone out and found a lovely little bookcase to house everything in one place.
Ahhh much better.
There are more arriving every day, but let's get started with some delicious high colour numbers, and why not dive right in with gnomes, like this confused little boy did:
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This trip to the gnome store in July 1971 changed his life forever... I suspect.

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WAFFLES! SHOOTING! I'll do a little research on this one, it's american, but I don't know where. Pipe up if you can identify this festive street.

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Definitely Canada, it's rare for me to like shots like this - nature close-ups don't usually drive me wild, though they sit far above posed children's shots and wedding photos (and I think the very bottom of the barrel are those black and white ones with one thing colourised - blech!) on the love-hate scale. This however is pretty stunning and again, I think my scanner is failing to translate the real hues on the slide - all the same, it's still pretty nice. Aww, maple leaves in October, 1960.

One more? Ok. How about the lady that shot a rainbow from her ass?

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Once it slowly emerged from her bum, she had to step aside to show the more intense, fresh part of the rainbow. Now every time you see a rainbow, think of this lovely lady, hiking up her skirt, straining to squeeze out another beautiful arc of colour. Just for you.

Stay tuned for... Parades! Mountains! Natives! Bears! Picnics! More!

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