Monday, June 20, 2011

Colourful women.

Of course, it's not all about time travel - a good photo has character, loads of it. Today's post is all about the great fleeting moment, and the women caught unawares.
In ascending order of "good-time gals":

Be ignored on black
She is seriously into her nails. What a great shot though, right? Totally sniped, you know if she looked up and saw this photo being taken, her eyes would have rolled Rembrandt white and the sneer would have seared right through this poor sap's lens. Deadly!

View larger on black
What a scene! Where are you going, Señora Rioja? Did you just buy something embarrassing at the Farmacia Plemono? Or are you nervous about your appointment at the Clinica Dental? But let's give her a break - not a soul in the shot? An area a little rough around the edges? Just a lady living her life and someone who took her picture. She looks tense, guarded - and who wouldn't be in those circumstances? Other than a lumberjack, and I don't think she's off to cut down some pines.

Be even more uncomfortable on black
I love the energy in this one! The OMGness! "Let's just get through this awful meal without having to watch Alvin slop Stove-Top into his already overflowing polyester pocket". Janet and Janice Ribbon (the tennis sisters) have the drive and ambition to survive another Thanksgiving. You know it.

Taking the spotlight on black
Who's the greatest? Who's the most confident and comfortable character in the shot? This one has it all: lots of colour, lots of action, lots of character! Lady Light Blue Lei's the lady I want to be someday! (and repeat)

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