Monday, January 31, 2011

You're the cat's ass.

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This post is for Mark, who requested historical cat content, in keeping with the name of our beloved archive honouring Ferrous, our cat. The phrase "you're the cat's ass" clearly has it's roots in the early 20's when colloqual language included a series of compliments that consistently had the following formula: "You are the <animal>'s <animal's body part>!" However, the "cat's ass" didn't show up until a lot later, since it began as the sole exception to that formula, "the cat's pyjamas". "Cat" was a term often used to describe the flappers of the age and jazz musicians, and "pyjamas" was quite a new concept for the '20s, so anything 'new' and 'good' would qualify. This slide has no information to indicate who this is or where it is, but the slide itself puts the photo between May 1949 - May 1952. What's strange is the intimate nature of this particular view - more than a little revealing? Its dirty little paws. Its little face turned away. In shame? In arousal?

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Not so strange, evidently. Apparently I posess two photos of long-dead cat's anuses! This one, at least, is not so anonymous: his names is Leonard Kenneth Robert (Leo). I have it in quite an adorable album of snapshots from a boy from Saskatchewan, who's name is unknown but he likes organs and cats, and the photos are from 1961(ish). You can see more of this album here: Sweet Sixteen. No shame in Leo's face - me-oww.

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