Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lovely Norwegians.

Here are some highlights from a delightful album I picked up in Montreal recently, it appealed to me because I have a fair bit of Norwegian in me (and no - I don't want any more). Here are a few pages and some highlights. You can see the album in all its glory here, at my flickr site.

Beautiful old lady.
Legless man vs. baby race (with unfair advantage given to the baby!).
The most wonderfully depressing family photo.
Hooray for drinking!
The 'X' girl.
This is the back of the 'x' girl photo - anyone read Norwegian?
A wonderfully ominous picture! I LOVE the dark suited boy at the top.
Girls who dress as men always smoke cigarettes. (It's a fact.)

Lots of great material here, plenty of enjoyable browsing. Jubelen til foto albumer!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

To win first place, you gotta wear lots 'a dots.

A snowy Sunday is going to lead to photographing the entirety of a very charming album I picked up in Montreal, so hold on for that. In the meantime, here's a classic number from the late 40's (I'm guessing) of two women who are undoubtedly winners not only for their spectacular flower display, but also for their superior coordination of polka dots. Here's to the ladies!

Not sure of the process on this one, but others in the same pile were in leica slide frames. This one is unmarked, sandwiched between glass and has very attractive hues.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Saved from the cutting room floor?

Calling all silent film pros!

One of the limbs I climbed out on a while ago was purchasing a strange little home-made viewing device and several clippings of old silent film. They are one cell each on 35mm film. Yesterday I botched together a way to scan them and was really pleased with what came out! Take a look, and if anyone can recognise what films they are - please say so! I've nosed around but didn't sniff out any leads. The silent film world is totally foreign to me. The one intertitle is in Czech, and says "In the royal palace within the city."

There are more, the only thing that seems to unite them is the actual tint of the film. This last frame looks absolutely sinister. Anyone have the answers?