Wednesday, March 30, 2011

People in pictures.

These three shots are very obviously not Kodachrome - I tried my darnedest to enhance/digitally restore them but this is as bright and vivid as I could get it - pathetic. I know. I'm ashamed. And pissed off. GBK (god bless Kodachrome...).

But I am pleased to have three shots of where Shepherd Street turns into White Horse Street (Look! The white horse in this photo is about to turn down White Horse Street! APROPOS!). This is one of the reasons I love snapshots and ephemeral photography - that frozen random moment. This guy on the left, shoved his misshaped hat on his head, went out into London in 1977 and bought a sandwich (truthfully, I don't know what that is in his hands, "sandwich" is my default) and got caught in this photo. Instantly immortal!

Man on the right, " Yes, maybe I should buy a trunk. Maybe I should just get on a ship and see the world."

Man on the left, "Oooooh get her!! Take me with you, ducky!"

Lone Lady, "I wish this was an Indian restaurant."

Guess what? She got her wish! Go on - take a google wander through Shepherd St. (and White Horse St. round the corner). You'll see the King's Arms is still pouring pints and slingin' crisps. Cheers, strangers!!

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 After studying Shepherd Street in detail yesterday, and doing a good wander via google maps, I realised that I've been INSIDE the King's Arms! In 2007, my soon-to-be husband and I checked in to the Park Lane hotel and after a long night of flying, went to wander the neighbourhood to find a pint and some lunch - we wandered into the King's Arms! Here's the picture I took from the upstairs window:

View on black for extra spooky coincidence!
 Now of all the pubs in London, of all the random slides I've bought - how could that happen?

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