Saturday, March 26, 2011

Famous people visiting.

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Sometimes you're at the right place at the right time, sometimes you aren't! Somebody out there knows who this visiting dignitary is - but we'll probably never know. The back of this ladies head is sure... uh... full of hair.

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Hey! Is that the somewhat unfriendly stare of Bob Hope? Yes THE Bob Hope? Better get that camera out of my face, son.

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 Ah! St. Patrick's Day in Dublin, 1977. Who do you suppose is in that gilded chariot? At least one man waved.

But no one is a bigger house guest than the Queen, whenever she comes by our place, I welcome her as best I know how: line up all my nurses for her to thoroughly inspect and hire street-loads of old ladies and young boys to wave at her. Same thing happened in June of 1962.

Nice gloomy Ektachrome day, even makes a bright yellow get-up look drab. Well done, your majesty!

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