Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Buck, and a gorgeous Silver Dawn (I thought).

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Part of acquiring slides from Britain is you often get a glut of tourist destinations - Buckingham Palace being one of them. I have many photos of beefeaters and guardsmen and other guys with big hats of all shapes and sizes. I have a couple lovely one of the Queen herself, and others of crowds gathered for royal visits. I'm not a royalist, but I think Canadians appreciate the value of royalty a little better than the Brits do; I think the general population feels like they're burdened with the cost for their sumptuous lifestyles and we just see it as history (something we lack for ourselves so we cling on to our nation's ancestors). Brits always seem to have apocryphal stories of how a nation supports the royal brats - I don't always buy it. I think they're quick to forget how many people from the colonies (and former colonies) travel simply to see these historic buildings and vacation around and within these institutions. Not to mention the vast number of people who are employed by the monarchy and the tourism generated by a history of monarchy. Hey, I get the cons too - but there are a few pros.

But leaving that subject for another time - look at that sweet Rolls (I thought - but upon further study, it isn't. What is that car?!)! Great degradation on this slide too - this is from the same lot as Ashness Bridge and Battersea. What a score! I'll be posting more of these as we go.

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