Monday, October 17, 2011

Place Kleber, Strasbourg. Then and now.

Today's autochrome is in my top ten for ultimate gaze-at-it-osity. The location is Place Kleber, Strasbourg, mid '30s I'd say by the cars. So many things to look at! Be sure to click through to the giant version of this and check out the spectacular ads, cars, buildings, people... and this one is in stereo. That autochrome has it going on!

I'm happy to report that this side of Place Kleber is essentially unchanged today! You can still see the same statue of Generale Jean Baptiste Kleber (background check at wikipedia), albeit substantially patinated over these eighty years. I love how the side of the square you can't see is now a very attractive, very modern hotel. Enjoy your stroll through Place Kleber!

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