Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who is the "Girl in Claridge's room"?

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Pssst! <aside> Sorry to have been away from the blog, but we're just catching up on life so my posts haven't been as frequent.
Anyway, since the last post was so popular, I thought I'd toss you another pretty lady picture, but this one I think is beautiful corner to corner as an almost abstract photo. It's superbly just out of focus, the light is soft and diffused: warm and inviting on the left and cooling off to the right. It's elegant and attractive and it was taken at Claridge's of London in 1962 in Kodachrome. I love this image. But what really makes it is that the slide is labeled, "Girl in Claridge's room". So the photographer didn't know the subject? Did he just pop in a random door with his camera? Great title.

I have others from inside Claridge's, I'll do my best to scan them tomorrow. Stay posted.

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