Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Victoria Day!

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Why is it that we celebrate Victoria Day in Canada but not in Britain? I guess they get a little "Victoria" overload there, but we're full of places and things christened with her majestic name too. I wanted to look into it a little more, and immediately went to the Wikipedia article first, but the material is so incredibly boring I could barely scan it without dozing off. Maybe I'll celebrate with a Victoria Day breakfast cocktail - coffee and... gin? I guess it should be tea.

The only significance Victoria Day has for me is it marks the beginning of fun fun fun summer time, and when it's safe to plant stuff in the garden. I'll hug anyone named Victoria (or Victor). I'll send a commemorative email to the fine gentlemen at Victoria Villa. I'll try to slip the word "Victory" into most sentences. I'll only answer if someone calls me Victoria. I dress in all black and mourn the death of my beloved Albert. If I had a Royal Union flag, I'd fly it from sunrise to sunset. But really, that's it. Just a regular day off.

Happy Victoria Day Everyone!!

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