Sunday, May 8, 2011

More from Claridge's.

Ah so much fun in the details! While revisiting my Claridge's slides, I realised that they're from months apart from each other! Yet right next to each other in the slide sleeve, the slides from June 1962 are Kodachrome and the Ektachromes are from September! I don't know what to believe - are they incorrectly dated? Did two couples trade slides? What happened here? Anyway, here's some more from the same series:

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London cabs trudge along, you can count on that your baggage won't go flying out through a quick corner because there's no such thing.

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I'm frustrated by this one, I could not for the life of me correct the brightness and colour to get this one right. One the slide (Ektachrome, a little finickier, it seems) it's far more crisp in the background. The wallpaper is nice. It's all nice...

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Don't you just want to fling yourself on that bed?! Have room service on the phone before you land with a bottle of champagne on the way. That's the life! Kodachrome (ever so inviting!).

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