Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So - they're throwing a chair party, eh?

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Ansco color again, and quite faded but not nearly as bad as some of the other Ansco color slides in the archive. This one is dated September 15th, 1946 and it also says "Choller, Stillwater NY". I think it's a fabulous representation of post-war colonial america. Look how the flowers on the table have retained the last bits of real colour on the slide! I think these folks lived pretty comfortably, but maybe this represents middle-america of the time and area. But then, who knows - I haven't looked too far into the demographics of this small New York town in 1946. I did, however, peruse the wikipedia article and took a little google-street-stroll down main street and I'm pretty sure not too many Stillwater homes have interiors like this today (per capita income of roughly $20k). 'Can't figure out what "Choller" means. Maybe it's hoarding your best chairs in your front room?

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