Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chicagoland's Premier Lighting & Electrical Supply Stores Since 1953

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This is an Ektachrome slide of Active Electrical Supply Co, taken January 1967. I love Ektachrome for its tempered moodiness - it doesn't have the snapping popping colour of Kodachrome, so it's perfect for scenes of muted tones and darkness. I'll be the first to admit this scan needs work, the slide is stunning under the loupe, crisp and focused, with all the right hues. Delicious! But this will give you an idea. OR! You can go visit their showroom today in the same location at 4240 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago. You can plainly see the window treatment is the same, maybe a little faded. I think it's a bit of a pity they have that awning over the door, I prefer the old look. Do they still leave all the lights on at night? This company was founded by Anton Fox in 1953 and is still run by the Fox family today. Seems like nice people. Why don't you go down there and buy a nice lamp? Active Electrical Supply & Fox Lighting Galleries.

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