Saturday, February 26, 2011

Battersea in transition.

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This is a very specific time for Battersea Power Station, taken on Kodachrome (developed by a third party - and you can see that nobody does it like Kodak because the film is degrading quite badly) some time between 1953 and 1955 during the construction of the B station. This image is rare because it shows Battersea with only three smoke stacks! Here's how Station B looked once completed:
Courtesy of Wikipedia
I haven't searched too extensively, but I can't find any photos of Battersea within the construction period on Station B and I've only managed to find a small few images of Battersea prior to Station B construction:
Courtesy of Another Nickel in the Machine
Station A must have been a damn nice place to work: it was chocked full of lovely Art Deco fittings, including Italian marble floors in the turbine hall, wrought-iron staircases and high polished parquet floors. Station B didn't get the high-class treatment like the first born - Station B came just post WW2, and plain steel replaced anything of beauty.

Also courtesy of Another Nickel in the Machine
Battersea stopped functioning as a power station in 1983 and famously fell into disrepair. Recently it has received final approval for property developers to move ahead with a colossally ambitious project to revitalise the whole area into a fully contained community. Masterplanned by Rafael Viñoly and being executed by Real Estate Oportunities, the project website can be found here: Battersea of the future.

But before we start taking out the trash, let's take a look at what's still there, these fairly recent photos by the BBC (who foresee the new complex opening in 2009 - I think that's been pushed back to around 2026!) :
The BBC slide show

Oh and something about Pink Floyd - whatever.

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