Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's not all about England.

You'll see that there's a limited number of subjects that attract me: British scenes, Canadian scenes, things that have to do with living in winter or Northern scenes, city scenes, and then something we'll label "fringe miscellania". Often I'll buy a set of slides because one attracted me, and the joy is then discovering what else is there, here are some of those finds:

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 There's so much going on in this photo! Let's Werner Herzog this: Who is that man? Why is he dressed as an unconvincing woman? Is he still alive? Where is he now? What is he thinking right now? What was he thinking then? Who are the cigarettes? It that a woman? Is that her abstract version of dressing as a man? Are they a comment on sexuality? Why does he have large, hairy feet? Why does Philip Morris have none? (I could go on for hours...)

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 From the disturbing to adorable - this photo (not kodachrome, just Kodak) is labeled "Sommervilles." (Incidently, this is also the name of a new wine bar in my neighbourhood, well minus an 'm' but hey - support local.) Seems like a nice bunch of gals, and the girl with the red ribbon's face was so nice they added it twice. I think there's universal appeal for doubly-exposed images - there's something wonderful and magic about accidents.

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This slide is "Ansco Color" and as you can see, it's degrading quite badly. But I like the pattern, and the subject matter is so perfect! The antler in the foreground is a familiar comfort when everything else is uninhabited scrub, and I'll take a friendly elk ride any chance I get. That's what's going on here, right?

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