Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pepsi Party!

Hey kids, I scanned a few interesting slides today so I can have a few in the bag to post over the next few days, all from a randomly chosen box of gems. These three will spur your imaginations to run wild. Wild! Imagine how much fun this Pepsi party from 1963 must have been! They had records and chairs and cigarettes...

Come, let's transport ourselves back to that yawn-filled event:
First, they sat (and nearly fell asleep, eh there, girl in blue?)
Then the strippers showed up (and put on jackets and hats... ooooo!)
Then Midge started making crank calls and Liz changed the record. Weee.
Actually, they're a cute triptych. All Ektachrome, oddly enough the slide with the girls sitting is dated Jan 64 and the other two are Dec 63 - a weird anomaly surely since they're obviously from the same wild night. I do love finding a series of three or four from the same evening, it truly is like dropping in on someone's life.

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