Thursday, April 19, 2012

For the love of dirt.

Spring is in the air and today I'm finally getting around to starting some plants, but before I could get out the door, Mr. Mailman (or Mr. Maleman as I like to call him) came strutting up my steps with a big package in his hands. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Here's what it was:
Not the package you were expecting?
Aw it's so good! Look at the sun bouncing off those happy leaves! Look at that fabulous dirt! It occurred to me that I certainly have a 'thing' for autochromes that feature dirt. I think the graininess of the format is particularly flattering to texture. It also helps that the three 'dirty' autochromes I have are all much larger than most of my others; as far as I'm concerned, the bigger the better when it comes to autochromes (the motion of the ocean is only a detriment).

You can almost smell those flowers, non?

But this one still reigns supreme for nice soil: it's a very old one and the colour is still vibrant for it's age, it's giant sized, and the dirt looks magnificent. Gaze away:

You should come over and see this one under the loupe - it's amazing.
Keep your eyes peeled for dirty autochromes! They have an inflated value at the moment. Happy filthing!

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