Thursday, March 29, 2012

Old people, doing crazy old people things.

Hello young lovers! Sorry to have ignored you so, but I've finally got through a pretty major career shift so I can now return to my duties as your faithful curator! Although I have spent today playing with my images (see? Mmm Coffee), it's too beautiful out and I need to take some air - so we're going to blast through some of the fresh slides. I had a hell of a time with the scanner today, these images are mostly from dark community halls where old people do strange things, so appologies for the scattered quality. Let's see what the magic lantern has for us today... well well! It's Kodachrome from February 1965!

Old man Highpants misses Hawaii so much he buttoned his shirt wrong.

Awww. It isn't always fun to dress up.
Martha stole the curtains again.
Terry went everywhere with her voodoo doll.
Then he butchered her right there for pretending to be Japanese.
She tore the scalp right off a hobo for this costume.
The uniform made him want to be a topper for once. Dave couldn't sit for days.
No YOU be the chinaman this time, I want to be the faded whore.
Sure! A cheap mask will totally compliment that gown.
They had some great sex later.
Best costume of the night - lesbian newlyweds!

OK folks, I have some good stuff on the horizon, stayed tuned and enjoy the weather!

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