Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stereo Realism is so fabulous!

Hi everyone! It's summer! You know, the time of year we abandon our computers...

But I haven't abandonned getting some sweet new items for the collection, including a gorgeous lot of Dufaycolour photos from 1937 England, but these stereo realist cards we'll visit first. They were such a nice surprise! These are my choice picks, but they pale in comparisson to how they look through a Brumberger viewer - with it's lovely glow and wonderful three dimentions. Seeing these in stereo makes you feel like you've dropped in on a private moment more than fifty years ago - which of course, you have!

Must be Ansco colour - fades like a sonofabitch.
Cute picture, Kodachrome - love the guy with the knife and the guy with the glowing eyes. Odd couples.
Party chaos!
This one is simply wonderful through the viewer, the light is gorgeous, not well translated through the scan.
But this one is my favourite. Didn't scan nicely either but you really feel like you're gathered in this kitchen along with these folks, the sound of clinking and conversation, the smell of cooking food, the heat from the oven - wonderful.


  1. I can't wait to see these! Especially the dancing couple. I can imagine the light, as you say, not translating well. Anything dark fails to come through in the process. It's kinda cool that is the case though; allows for there to be some surprise when actually viewing the slides as intended.... not this tech-'cheat'. ;-)

  2. There's nothing like the real thing.

    And PS - This is the 100th post! I will celebrate with more posts!