Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Saved from the cutting room floor?

Calling all silent film pros!

One of the limbs I climbed out on a while ago was purchasing a strange little home-made viewing device and several clippings of old silent film. They are one cell each on 35mm film. Yesterday I botched together a way to scan them and was really pleased with what came out! Take a look, and if anyone can recognise what films they are - please say so! I've nosed around but didn't sniff out any leads. The silent film world is totally foreign to me. The one intertitle is in Czech, and says "In the royal palace within the city."

There are more, the only thing that seems to unite them is the actual tint of the film. This last frame looks absolutely sinister. Anyone have the answers?


  1. These look like they might be from different movies because of the costume changes.

    Some of them look like they might be from Abel Gance's Napoleon.

  2. Yes, I think these are clipped from five different films, the themes are distinct from tint to tint, so I don't believe the blue tinted cells are just for night shots.

  3. These are so fantastic! How great to see them in their large & lit glory!