Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stopping to smell the flowers.

Hey-yo everybody! I'm not dead, I'm just distracted!

Sometimes, in a girl's life, things get busy. Summer is especially tough when it's nice outside, and you're trying to enjoy every minute of sun you can - you forget that you have a self-imposed obligation to the world-wide-web and you let the sorting and scanning slip while you drink too much wine and burn your knees in the sun. So I'm going to give you two nice pictures of flower in beds because I have a peculiar appreciation of flowers in photos:

Smellovision on black

Through the wicket - on black
My other secret fetish is photos of greenhouses. I have some gor-ge-ous autochromes of long dead flowers in greenhouses. One day, my pretties, I'll get them up here to expose in public.

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